Sunday, April 28, 2013

#2, #22, #68 (part 4) - Three in a weekend

I have resigned myself to the fact that I will not, at this point, even come close to finishing all 101 goals in my final two weeks.  However, I have been trying to wrap up those goals that I can in my limited time and have completed 3 in the last week.

First, I finished making out a living will.  I found it took a considerable amount of thought to get my wishes down on paper in a way that would be clear for someone else to understand.  I used a form called Five Wishes which goes past the normal health care directives and includes items like funeral planning and how you might want to be treated in a nursing home.  I was surprised at how emotional I felt while trying to work out things even though I already had a sense of what I wanted to say when I began.

The second goal I finished was reading book #80 for this year.  I have posted end-of-the-year updates on the other parts of this goal, and, since I plan to do a second round of the Day Zero Project, I will wait to discuss the books I've read this year until December.

The third goal is in the oven right now! :)  For a year, I have been trying new recipes every month in hopes of finding some new yummy additions to the dishes that I already make.  The list was:
  • May - Fiesta Dip ... Brought on by my sister Diana bringing it to a shower we were co-hosting.  Very good - a new party staple.
  • June - Strawberry Fool ... I had fresh strawberries and always wanted to try making a "fool" recipe just because it sounds fun.  Perfect for those moments when I have just picked several flats of berries!
    Some (but not all) of the flats of strawberries I picked in June
  • July - Blueberry Super Salad ... I read something about "power" foods and decided to put them all together into a recipe of my own.  It was pretty good.
    Blueberry Super Salad
  • August - Filler-up Hotdish ... This was something that is in our family cookbook by a different name.  As you might guess, it's very filling; however, it's also very high in carbs, so I don't see myself making it often.
  • September - Tacos ... Don't laugh, but this was not something my family ate and my early taco experiences were of the really disgusting school cafeteria variety!  Homemade was much better.
  • October - Baked Lemon Chicken ... The biggest success of this goal; I am now making this dish regularly (2 or 3 times a month) for myself - and it's on the menu for supper tonight!
  • November - Chocolate Caramel Truffles ... I was trying to stay away from sweets for this goal, but I couldn't resist trying a new candy for my Christmas trays.  I know I'll be making this one again!
  • December - Chicken a la Paiva with Ceylonese Hot Rice ... These dishes were recipes from family friends (named Paiva) from Sri Lanka many years ago, but I couldn't really remember what they tasted like.  I liked them but expected the hot rice to be more pepper hot and not just spicy flavored.
    Chicken a la Paiva with Ceylonese Hot Rice
  • January - Homemade Mac & Cheese with Ham ... Another recipe from Diana ... I had never tried making mac and cheese from scratch before.  Good, but not something I expect to make often.
  • February - Green Bean Casserole ... Again you may be laughing, but another standard I hadn't made myself ... easier to make than I thought, but probably won't make it again unless for company.
  • March - Cochinita Pibil ... I fell in love with this Mayan dish last year while I was on vacation.  This was the most labor-intensive recipe I tried.  It didn't taste quite like what I remembered, but was pretty close.  Definitely something to make again when I have the time.
  • April - Spinach Phyllo Tartlets ... I like spanokopita, and these are pretty close.  I had forgotten how much fun I have working with phyllo dough and had to restrain myself from making baklava!  This recipe made LOTS, so I hope they freeze well.
    The Spinach Phyllo Tartlets just out of the oven