Wednesday, November 24, 2010

100 Days In and #69 - blogging

It hardly seems like I've been working on this project for 100 days!  I've been reflecting over the last few days on where I'm at on my list.  I feel like I'm right on target to getting all of the goals completed, and, wow, some of the things I've tried have made me feel really empowered!

First, blogging ... I passed the requirements of this goal (20 posts) within the past month but didn't write a post at that time about it, so I'm adding some brief thoughts on it here.  I expected this goal to feel like a chore after the initial charm of the project wore off ... it doesn't.  I think of many more posts than I actually write about, and the main reason I don't post more is time.  And I'm touched that people actually tell me that they read the posts -- thanks!

So, what's going well ... hmmm, everything I've finished. :)  Seriously, I like that my tasks are so varied that I have many items to choose to work on.  Currently, I'm putting in the most time on one of the month-long goals (it's a surprise which one), folding paper cranes (since I found a charity I can donate them to if I finish by April), and listening my way through my iTunes library.  I'm finding myself zipping through the live theater performances too -- gotta love that! -- and I wish I'd put a higher number into my goal.  I've put a couple of things on the back burner for a while - my will (have it written out but want to give myself a breathing space period and look at it with fresh eyes in January before I get it notarized) and the walking time goal (I've switched to riding my exercise bike in the morning since the walking has turned slippery).

Of the items that I haven't started yet, I think the most difficult will be convincing my parents to let me take them on a vacation.  I've sent out some feelers and gotten the response that they are afraid they'll "slow me down".  The other thing that I'm spending time trying to figure out is the goal about celebrating my 40th birthday; I want to do something special but just can't come up with any good ideas.  So, feel free to give me suggestions in the comments.  (And, sorry, but I have no desire to jump out of an airplane which seems to be what everyone has suggested to me so far).

I'm finding that I haven't leapt into the goals that involve learning as much as I expected in the beginning.  So, I'm going to start making those memorizing, learning, etc. topics a higher priority after the holidays ... the cold days of winter sound like a good time to focus on thinking and I can save some of the more active things for when it warms up.

The biggest surprise of this project so far has been that I haven't had a favorite accomplishment.  All of the things that I cross off are teaching me, empowering me, surprising me, and occasionally frustrating me during the process.  I truly had expected some of the goals to feel like a let-down after they were finished, but they've all brought some lesson with them - sometimes not the one that I expected.  And perhaps that's the best part of attempting a list like this.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this Rachel. You are an inspiration! I'm having fun working on my list too, and I owe that to you!