Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#78 - Sharing a secret

Sometimes it's wonderful to share something that's bothering you with a close friend and get "absolution" from worrying about it anymore.  My friend Nina is wonderful for this ... she's even recently learned the Latin phrase for "I absolve you" to make it sound even more official!  She's wiser than I and has learned that a lot of the little day to day things that individuals fret over just don't matter that much in the long run.  She even will absolve perfect (and imperfect) strangers, so if you're in Ely and need rid yourself of some guilt, stop by the Kess Gallery.  I think they need to advertise it - fine art, framing, jewelry, absolutions with no waiting.

However, other times, you just need to get something out of your soul where it's been festering and out into the world, but you don't really want to share it with anyone you know for whatever reason.  Perhaps that's why people used to throw bottles with messages into the sea.  Nowadays, you can use a postcard to the same effect.  The very interesting site - Post Secret - takes anonymous postcard submissions from ... well, who knows.  The postcards are displayed on the site - fronts only.  I don't go look at the site often, but when I do - there are always some that make me laugh and others that make me weep (sometimes because I recognize myself in them).

Today, I mailed in a secret ... I feel a little better about it already.  Like the secret attached itself to the postcard and is leaving too.  If you want to send one in yourself, the address is:
Post Secret
13345 Copper Ridge Rd
Germantown, Maryland 20874
Your secret will be anonymous, treated respectfully, and maybe you'll feel a little better when it's gone.


  1. I admire that you conquered this one. It's an item on my list I'm a little afraid of. Kudos :)

  2. I agonized a bit before I actually wrote it down ... the postcard was sitting on my table addressed but without anything else for over a week. However, once I got the front done I felt more relaxed.