Sunday, November 6, 2011

#30 - Popular Authors

This goal was one of the few on my list that had to do with my job - to read 10 popular authors that were new to me in hopes of being even better at giving reading recommendations to patrons.  In some ways, I found it a great success ... all of the books were approximately what I expected in terms of plot lines, amount of gore, sex, and language (all things to consider when recommending a book).  And, it did give me a better understanding of what certain patrons who come to the library might want.

However, on a personal reading level, it reinforced the fact that, in general, I don't find bestselling authors particularly interesting.  After reading literally thousands of novels, I tend to be fairly nit-picky about what I want to read for pleasure.  I don't just want a plot that holds my interest or a dash of humor or characters that I think might actually exist in the real world (including living within their incomes or being fired for wandering off from their 9 to 5 jobs in order to play detective) or attention to historical detail or correct spellings in the text ... I want ALL of those things.  Also, the bestseller lists tend to have trends and, currently, many top authors write thrillers - a storyline that I find more interesting in movies than on the page.  So, while I had hoped to find a new favorite author for myself, I don't think that I will pick up any of the ten I tried for this goal again.

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  1. I agree! I've read several best sellers that I didn't like. How in the world do some of them become best sellers? Strange.