Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday baking obsession

Every year at this time, I feel the need to bake ... lots.  I surpassed my previous record this year and made over 360 dozen cookies and candies.  The goodies all go out into the world - to friends, to family, and to some of the military serving overseas through an organization called Operation Baking Gals.  Here's some moments captured from the process ...
Steam rising from a batch of caramels ... the bowl of pecans in the background with be added soon!

My friend Nina helped by wrapping hundreds of caramels for me.  We made 2 types - pecan and salted chocolate.

Rows of Walter Cookies wait for the chocolate drizzle to dry.

Stacks of pans of bars await packing on trays for friends.

Bags of different types of spice cookies waiting to be added to trays.

One of the trays for a friend - packed and ready for me to wrap with cellophane and curling ribbon.  All 30 types of cookies are on this tray and the 5 different candies are in the little paperboard pail.

A table full of trays ready to be picked up.  The big stack of 9x9" pans is to ship to the military.

The contents of one of my Operation Baking Gals boxes - I always put in a book too (it's a librarian thing).


  1. 360 DOZEN? Really? That's absolutely amazing. I'm thinking 10 dozen sounds like a lot. You are clearly a baking goddess :)


  2. Had to use that case of butter that I bought somehow ... :)

  3. Oh, it's Worship the Goddess Day here on the Left Coast!!!!
    Some obsessions are more equal than others.


  4. Also at the Shrine of the Baking Goddess is my local post mistress who thanks you for baking. When she handed me the box I clasped it and twirled in joy."My friend Rachel sent cookies!!" I returned to the p.o. a little later with a couple of each kind of goodie for her and today she called me a "sweetheart" for sharing. All 'cos of you & your obsession!
    XOXO's Lis