Saturday, July 21, 2012

#28 - Beating all the levels in an electronic game

First, I am so glad after a two month gap to FINALLY be able to post about completing something!  I am still working on the long term goals daily, but, as I mentioned this spring, my time for this project is limited at the moment.  And now, on to what I finished.

Originally goal #28 was to beat all of the levels in Zoo Tycoon; however, I switched computers about a year ago and lost all of the progress (and it was significant) that I had made in this game.  Not wanting to put in all the time with a deadline to regain the levels I lost, I made the decision to switch to ZooWorld - a social game on Facebook. That was going fairly well - I actually made it up to level 99 out of 105.  And then I hit the dreaded flowering dogwood tree!  To earn this particular plant, you need to have your ZooWorld friends send you stuff ... specifically trees ... even more specifically a certain type of tree that you can use to get better trees eventually leading to the flowering dogwood tree. Now I hate pestering people for gifts - even of the cost-free online variety - and not many of my Facebook friends are into games.  I started looking online for tips from other people.  What I found was depressing ... one person had worked out that if you could get one tree a day from a friend, you would work up to the flowering dogwood in 18 years.  Yes, you read that correctly - YEARS!  I checked the math; she was right.  I was averaging about one tree a week; I decided it wasn't worth it.

However, I still wanted to finish all the levels in some game.  Enter my latest piece of technology - a Kindle Fire.  In the past two months, I completed all of the levels of not one but two games.  The first - Enchanted Kingdom : Elisa's Adventure - was made up of many smaller match and switch type games.  There was a nominal plot, and I am happy to report that Elisa now is peacefully ruling her kingdom after discovering her true parents.  The second game - Paranormal Agency - was a simple find the hidden in plain sight object game.  Both were free; both were easy to play for 20 minutes at a stretch before bed.  My original game of Zoo Tycoon still waits for me to go back and regain my progress, but without any particular pressure this time.

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