Sunday, December 9, 2012

#79 - Catching up on the Silver Screen

A few years ago, my then-boyfriend was always surprised to find that I had not seen one particular movie or another.  So, I asked him to make me a list of titles that he thought I should see; a list that I also added to.  Some of what was listed were truly classic films - like Casablanca (which I still haven't watched) and It's a Wonderful Life (which I did) - but most were just popular films that I missed for whatever reason.  I should add that my family did not go to movies when I was young; there wasn't a theater in my hometown, and my parents didn't really have the cash for such things anyhow.  I did see many movies with friends when I was a teen, but then had a long period in college, grad school, and my first job where money and time were just too tight for me to spend much of either at the theater.

I've also always had a hard time just sitting and watching a screen.  Reading a book can keep me motionless for hours, but it's a rare movie that engages me to the point that I don't start thinking of other things I can do around the house as it progresses.  So, progress on this list has been fairly slow.  However, I did watch the tenth movie off this list last night.  So perhaps someday ... I'll see Casablanca after all :)

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