Sunday, July 13, 2014

#77 - I just know what I like

Have you heard that old saying ... "I don't know much about art, I just know what I like".  I feel that sort of applies to me.  Although it is possible to learn about the technical aspects that go into a work of art and you can research the artist's history to place a piece in context and you can find out if there are any awards associated with it - in the end, you are probably going to end up purchasing something that you like when you go out shopping for your home.  Or, as my friend Nina says, art is personal - and she should know as she works at an art gallery.

These thoughts on art have been very much on my mind over the past couple of months.  I haven't been posting much on this blog lately since I have been devoting so much time to my job.  The town where I work is building a new library building, and, I, as the library director, am very much involved.  One of the more interesting things in this process is seeing how the individuals on the committees approach the "look" of the new space - many different paths that are now all leading in one direction.

One committee is in charge of artwork for the new building, and they were invited to help judge a local artshow.  This judging was a great collaboration with a local arts group that allowed individuals to purchase and donate preselected (by the committee) works to the new building.  The committee made their choices in advance of the show - using computer images of the submitted works.  The discussion was very interesting as the committee chose 11 works that they thought represented a variety of artistic mediums and fit well with the area.  I tried hard not to influence the committee as they chose and so my favorite piece was not included in the final selections.  A fact that I was just fine with ... except ... I just couldn't stop thinking what an interesting shot (it is a photograph) my favorite was and how much I liked it.  I could see a story in the photo or several stories depending on my mood.

Fast forward a month and a half to this week, the artshow was going on.  I got a message that two of the library choices were sold to donate to the library on the first night.  And, I was still thinking about that photograph.  I went back and forth in my head and ended up going to the show mid-week and looking - to see all the works in person, to see what else might be headed for the new library building, and (you've probably already worked this last one out) to see if that photograph was still for sale.  It was, and I picked it up this afternoon.  It's already hung in my living room.  My cat is unimpressed, but I'm busy setting stories in between these trees...

Pictured Rocks Forest by Peter Pestalozzi

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