Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I keep finding ideas

One of the aspects that I'm finding interesting about this challenge is how other people apply it to their own lives.  While my nephew can take credit for introducing the idea  to myself and both my sisters, I have inspired two people to start lists of their own as well.  It's like a Ponzi scheme -- only much more empowering.  The best part is when I get to see their lists too; I see items that I wish I'd thought of.  I keep telling myself that I should not add 102, 103, 104 ... because that's just a recipe for disaster - I'd never finish them all in 1001 days.

But, here are a few ideas from other people that might have made my list ...
  • go to a Renaissance Fair with both of my sisters (we used to do this every year, but then Diana & I both moved further away from the Twin Cities, and it became much more complex to schedule)
  • leave # of notes - I actually think I may work this own into something already on my list
  • send # number of thinking of you cards to friends
  • sleep in my hammock overnight
  • photograph a landscape from the same spot multiple times to capture all four seasons
  • hunt for morel mushrooms
My friend Melissa has her list up on her blog - check out the link here - but the others aren't public (or at least, not yet).

And a few more that I've thought of myself since I finished writing the list
  • make a braided rag rug like Grandma used to
  • be a mentor through Big Brothers/Big Sisters
  • find something worthy of placement in the porthole frame Dad made
  • take a week off in the summer even though the library is crazy busy then
  • drive the Lake Superior Circle tour
  • visit an amethyst mine (where you can dig yourself) in Canada and make myself a piece of jewelry with what I find
  • learn to build a computer from components - I think I'm pretty close to knowing how to do this already
  • attend a Society for Creative Anachronism event
  • try playing paintball
  • learn how to do archery
  • hike 5 new trails within 50 miles of my home
I think that if I'm still having as much fun with this project in May of 2013, I may have to do a 101 things, part II!

Addendum:  another list (with a twist) posted by Mary today


  1. I know exactly what you mean. That is part of the reason why I decided to take this a year at a time - so that I can focus on the things that matter most to me at the moment. I'm guessing my priorities will have shifted slightly a year from now.

    I'm keeping lots and lots of little notes around, and I'm adding possible candidates for next year's list almost constantly. I might even call the process exhilarating, if that didn't sound too corny.

    Taking Jack to the Renaissance Festival just went on one such note!

  2. Another thing - I really do think you should take time off in the summer. That goes for me and Dave too!

  3. Paintball?? I have people that want to do that too. We should ask Dad if we could use the farm for a paintball weekend. My kids all have paintball stuff and they enjoy it.