Sunday, October 10, 2010

#92 - Things I Do Well

This list came from a number of inspirations.  One was a list that I kept during a particularly dark period of my life where I wrote down each day something that I liked about myself - not necessarily things that I excel at, just good that I saw in myself.  Another was a revelation that a friend shared with me that she reached a point in her life where she realized that just because a particular task came easily to her did not mean that everyone shared that ability.  And, yet another is the continual surprise of working at a public service desk and realizing how different people are from one another.

So, here are 25 things that I think I do well:

  1. Establish healthy routines for myself – morning walks, journaling, cooking real meals, etc
  2. Stack books (to amazing heights)
  3. Pet sitting
  4. See both sides of a situation (this has its drawbacks)
  5. Fire starting with one match
  6. Organize stuff
  7. Grow tomatoes – why do I keep planting them?  I don’t even really like them and I always get tons
  8. Read – high speeds, good retention
  9. Take standardized tests – doesn’t effect my life as much as it used to
  10. Come up with analogies to help explain things
  11. Plan ahead and follow through
  12. Show up on time (or early) for meetings, etc.
  13. Find / make meaningful gifts for people I care about
  14. Can visualize the final result of a project (in 3D) that I am just starting
  15. Give awesome backrubs
  16. Fierce loyalty to the people that I claim as friends
  17. Can make perfectly swirled soft-serve ice cream cones
  18. Read body language
  19. Honor small home-grown traditions/celebrations of the little things in life – for example, first snow doughnuts
  20. Problem solving
  21. Match colors
  22. Remember my dreams which are fabulous, colorful, and could be used as plots for feature movies
  23. Give book recommendations that match the interests of the reader rather than just my own
  24. Pick up the ability to do crafts competently in a short time period
  25. Bake cookies


  1. I know at least one thing you forgot: Make strawberry jam!

  2. count me in for first snow doughnuts :-)