Sunday, January 2, 2011

#49 - Jammies are us

The reality of achieving this goal seriously diverged from the rosy vision I had in my head when I added it to the list.  I couldn't ever remember spending a whole day in pajamas and originally pictured a sort of license to be lazy for a weekend ... say no to anything that required me to leave the house, eating homemade waffles for brunch, not touching the housework, etc.  Sounds nice, right?  I don't often give myself leave to do that, so I figured it would be a little mini vacation of sloth.

However, while I didn't leave the house, did turn down an invitation, and certainly haven't gotten much accomplished in the last few days, the reason was a nasty cold that kept me wrapped in blankets on the couch for two days followed by somewhat more activity yesterday.  I decided that I might as well turn today into a pajama day too since I still have no energy.

I realize that some people love to spend weekends in their pajamas - well, minus the being sick part.  I haven't found it all that appealing.  There were still chores I needed to do - shoveling snow in pjs felt particularly odd and I am so grateful to my friend Peter who did most of the snow removal for me and then helped carry in wood for my fire.  I didn't at all like trying to exercise  this morning without my regular sweats despite the fact that I was moving so slowly on my exercise bike that had it been real passing snails would have breezed by me.  But mostly, I just missed that end of the day "aah" that comes when you change out of whatever you've worn that day and into nightclothes.  So, despite the departure from my original vision, I am counting this goal as done and looking forward to putting on real clothes Monday morning.


  1. I will remember this when I am trying to accomplish the same goal :) Thanks to you, I added it to my list, LOL...just teasing :)

  2. Definitely would have been more fun if I hadn't felt so yucky. However, weren't you going to do a movie marathon with yours? I have done that minus the jammies and found it to be a lot of fun.