Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Helping someone else achieve goals

As I've mentioned before, one of the unexpected pleasures of this project is seeing other people's lists.  Naturally, two lists that I'm watching most closely are those of my sisters.  They both are keeping blogs too, so if you want to look, here's Diana's and Janet's

I've also found that the more I get help from people when working on my own list, the more I want to contribute to help other people check items off too.  I haven't found anything major to help Diana out yet ... just a book recommendation or two along the way.  However, this past weekend, I got to help Janet cross one item entirely off her list - visiting the Chanhassen Dinner Theater.

When I was Christmas shopping, I had the brainstorm that I knew that Janet had several "night out" sorts of experiences on her list and that I could help her out by getting tickets to one.  I did check on available evenings with her before I ordered the tickets, but she didn't find out until Christmas Eve that we (she graciously asked me to be her date) were going to the Chanhassen to see All Shook Up

We had a great weekend together ... though I found yesterday that I don't bounce back from lack of sleep as quickly as I used to.  I got a chance to play some fun new board games - Unexploded Cow and Dixit - as well as a personal favorite of Bananagrams.  The Chanhassen experience was better than I remembered it from my school visit in the mid80s.  I enjoyed the show and am looking forward to contrasting this production with a national touring company's version that I will see in a few weeks.  For Janet's complete review of the night ... look here.

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  1. I love that you're helping other people achieve their Day Zero goals! Paying it forward. too cool ;)

    I loved reading your sister's lists...I can't wait to read the vampire/stemapunk book list I got from your sister Diana's list...and I have to look up the definition for "couch surfing"after reading Janet's.