Saturday, April 23, 2011

#34 - It's happy hour somewhere, right?

Carrie Nation
When I originally thought of learning to make cocktails from memory, my purpose was to find several common drinks that I liked and learn what was in them.  I wanted to be able to order with some confidence when I went out with friends rather than sheepishly saying "oh, what she said sounds good; I'll have one of those."  Plus, it made me feel sophisticated to think that I could whip up a martini or sex on the beach for someone with a moment's notice.

However, then I got my glorious party idea (see the post previous to this one) and decided to actually learn the recipes so I could BE a bartender for a night.  Then I realized that not everyone invited would want an alcoholic beverage, so I added some mixed fruit juice drinks to my initial list.  I've scattered photos of the non-alcoholic drinks through this post ... since I could make and photograph all of them in a night and be able to drink them all after instead of pouring some rather expensive ingredients down the drain or getting smashed.  Finally, I decided that I should invent a drink for the party ... I ended up making up two and am still tweaking the proportions but both the Sexy Librarian (for those who like a potent drink) and the Bookworm (for the abstainers) will make their debuts at the party.  I thought that it would be easier to create drink recipes than cookie recipes; however, I'm finding that I know more about how cookie ingredients interact.  It's fun though!

Shirley Temple
I can now reliably recite the ingredients, correct glass, and mixing procedure for over 15 drinks.  I've been making them one every few nights, so that I know how they taste as well.  So ... what will the guests be able to order from the bar in addition to the drinks pictured in this post?  The Bluebird, Fuzzy Navel, Icy Dog, Long Island Iced Tea, a classic Martini, The Monk, Rum & Coke, Rum & Ginger, Screwdriver, Sex on the Beach, Strawberry Whip, Tequila Sunrise, White Wine Spritzer, or a William Tell.  Or, of course, the aforementioned, Bookworm and Sexy Librarian!


  1. Once they have debuted at your party, will the recipes be available for those of us unavailable to attend?
    It would be fun to make a batch of Sexy Librarian drinks for our next (away-from-work) librarian gathering!

  2. Yes, I'll share after the party ... people got to taste test the Bookworm at the farm yesterday.

  3. This is on my list too...I'm feeling the pressure of the clock. Need to accomplish more on the darn LIST, LOL :) Love the cocktail pics.

  4. I know what you mean about that clock ticking feeling. Some days I look at my pile of DayZero stuff and can almost hear the Jeopardy theme music playing. Right now it seems like all of my spare time is going towards the 40th birthday goal -- which is okay because it is making me feel a lot less tense about turning 40 which was the whole idea of setting myself the goal. :)

    Glad you like the photos ... I'm planning to take photos of the others I learned too, but just haven't gotten to it.