Saturday, May 7, 2011

#91 - Just say no!

I'm sure for some people this goal would be laughably easy - to say no to 5 things that I really would rather not take part in.  However, I have, in the past, found myself doing many things as favors, going places I didn't really care about, or generally spending my time in a way that I didn't particularly enjoy simply to try to make someone else happy.  While I do still believe that a person should compromise for people that they are close to, I've realized in the last few years that's okay to occasionally say "I don't wanna ..."  Also, there's the consideration of who you compromise for ... friends, family, lovers all should be able to pick things and expect your participation.  Casual acquaintances and work associates, though, should not have the power to make you feel guilty about whatever it is they want to do and you don't.

I'm not going to list the 5 things I declined ... don't want anyone to feel bad as three were social invitations.  I did find that as I said no and thought about this goal, I became more okay with other people saying no to my invitations as well.  So, good lessons learned all around.

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  1. excellent! I love "no." It was hard for me to say for quite awhile, but I've found I'm a much happier person having added it to my vocabulary. ;)