Tuesday, September 6, 2011

#18 - All the World's a Stage (and #64)

I love theater - watching or participating all the way from those elementary shows that invariably include some kid stealing the show by doing something embarrassingly wrong to full scale professional productions where you wonder how in the world they can do that.  I was involved with high school productions both on and back stage, but, other than attending shows (when I could afford it), it was another 15 or so years before I became directly involved with performances again.

Pirates of Penzance -
the 1st show I costumed for community theater
Kismet -
the most recent show I've costumed
A friend convinced me to join the local theater committee shortly after I moved here - I think I was appointed the committee secretary at the first meeting I attended - thanks Sarah ;).  However, being a part of the committee meant being in the loop ... and before too long I was asked to be part of a project matching actors with with first time directors.  I both directed a one-act (and discovered that I have almost zero interest in that particular facet on theater productions) and acted in a different piece.  After a bit more stage time in two other projects, the spring musical director asked if I would help with costumes despite my protests that I wasn't much of a seamstress.  That show - Pirates of Penzance - was one of the most enjoyable productions that I've ever been involved with.  Over the next few years, I became more involved with the costume aspects of community theater ... with lots of guidance from my friend Nina, I even have become a passable seamstress.  However, I don't really enjoy sewing, and costuming involves lots and lots of time - most of which was spent fretting over cutting patterns and my sewing machine rather than hanging out with everybody backstage.  So, after the year where I worked on two shows simultaneously (one for community theater and the other for the local elementary school) which is something I don't recommend for people who wish to remain sane, I decided I needed a break.

However, I've been thinking that I'd like to be out ON the stage again and decided to add auditioning to my DayZero list.  So, last week, I tried out for the fall show here.  It made me a bit nervous to be reading lines cold since I haven't actually auditioned for a part for over 20 years (I've just been asked to fill in gaps more recently), but I'm happy to report that I did receive a role.  The show is Almost, Maine, and the first rehearsal is tonight.  And, I should really be memorizing lines right now!

As a small side note, I also completed goal #64 last week.  It was one of my financial savings goals, so I'm not going to go into all the details.

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