Wednesday, September 21, 2011

400 Days In

It's hard for me to grasp that I've been working on the DayZero project for just over a year now ... I'm still just as excited and motivated about achieving the goals I've set as I was in the beginning.  However, I'm also starting to hear that Jeopardy theme music in the back of my head as I wonder if I'll get them all in before my time runs out!

The last 100 days, basically this summer, have been filled with activities not related to my goals list.  I spent a great deal of time on the road to visit family in early June - which unfortunately broke up one of the long-term goals I had started.  I began again and then spent almost every free day this summer repairing and painting in my house - definitely things that needed to be done and I'm glad they are finished; however, it cut into the time I spent working on this list - and again, I had to restart the long-term goal after missing it several weeks.  Just as I finished painting, I completed the goal of auditioning for a community theater role - I'm enjoying the prospect of being back on stage, but the rehearsals (and learning lines) do take time away from other things.

So, I'm dubbing this past tenth of my time as the "lost days" and gearing up for tackling more projects as fall settles in.  I've been enjoying PostCrossings immensely ... in the past couple of days, I received postcards from four different countries!  I'm working on the walking goal intently, trying to increase my speed just a bit each day.  I have been working on each of the reading goals ... aiming to always have a book in my "to read" stack that fits into either the classic, Dewey, or new popular author categories.  The goal that I've had to keep restarting my clock on is playing my harp every week - the combination of being out of town on weekends or having furniture moved between rooms to the point of not having a place to sit and play was a bit frustrating - I'm telling myself just to look at it as more time to enjoy learning the instrument.  I started working on memorizing more poetry, but I think I need to get through the fall play and the lines that I need to know there before I return to that one. 

I also have decided to modify goal #28.  Originally, I was going to try to beat all of the levels in Zoo Tycoon, a computer game that I own and play sporadically.  However, I also play Zoo World on Facebook, and it seems to be eating up more and more of my time as I progress in levels.  So, I'm substituting beating the levels in Zoo Tycoon to finishing the highest achievement level (currently 105) in Zoo World, and then I plan to quit playing it entirely so I have more time in the mornings for other things.

Other things I'm working on, but not as extensively at the moment:  the photography course I'm taking, planning a trip to Mexico with a friend in February, weight loss (I'm an usherette in a wedding next August and the thought of those wedding photos is a great motivator), some stargazing to learn new constellations (after some time just fooling with it, I finally figured out last week how the StarWalk app I purchased last fall works, so I'm looking forward to some time later in the fall out under the night sky), and thinking about possible parties that could work into some of my goals.

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  1. Which reminds me...I should really visit my list this week and start working on a few more items!