Sunday, March 18, 2012

#70 - Photos worth displaying

When I look at my list of challenges, I see several recurring themes.  One is photography.  I've always been fascinated by pictures  - the ones my parents had in albums and slide reels growing up, the weird snapshots I took with my first 110 camera that I got for Christmas when I was in 5th grade, the moody ones that my sister Janet took while pursuing her art major in college...  

However, other than a 2 minute introduction (put the film here, press this button to take the shot, here's how to adjust the focus) to a totally manual 35mm SLR when I was editor of my high school yearbook, I've never had any sort of formal instruction.  I could tell that some of the photos I took were rotten and others better, but I didn't know why.  A few on each roll of film were what I considered good.  And, about every 5 rolls of film, I took something better than good - more or less by accident.  So, this goal was about finding 10 photos that I'd be proud to tell friends that I took. (I'm also working on a distance learning course in professional photography with the New York Institute of Photography to try to make my photos more consistently turn out the way that I want for goal #41).

When I started working on this goal, I purchased ten frames (8x10" size) in a neutral dull silver color to fill as I went.  When I was working on redoing my bathroom, I decided that was the perfect location to display my "frame-worthy" shots.  All ten frames are now full, and I will probably end up buying a few more frames (there's still some wall space) to put up.  I plan to switch photos in and out of the frames as my mood takes me (I've got eight extras right now that didn't quite make the cut).  And here's what's currently in the frames ...
Hyde Park rose - taken 10/16/10, London

Medieval staircase at V&A Museum - taken 10/16/10, London

St Paul's Cathedral - taken 10/15/10, London

The back side of the parliament buildings - taken 10/17/10, London

Steps to cabin - taken 4/29/11, near Burntside Lake

Sunset - taken 7/6/11, Burntside Lake

Senor Iguana - taken 2/18/12, Tulum

Jaguar siesta - taken 2/20/12, Xcaret

Lifeguard station just after sunrise - taken 2/17/12, Playa Del Carmen

Scarlet Macaw pair - taken 2/20/12, Xcaret

Plus one that isn't on the wall simply because I didn't like how it looked with the color of the frame.
Underground waterfall - taken 2/20/12, Xcaret

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