Saturday, April 7, 2012

600 days in - and I'm still loving the time I spend on the goals

I had great ambitions for the new year and my DayZero project; however, life has interfered ... some things changed in my job as library director and I am spending many more hours at work (and bringing home paperwork).  Although the part where I am working at home as well as in my office will change within a couple of months as I get caught up, I don't foresee my hours spent at work dropping significantly any time soon.  This fact makes me frustrated since I would love to have MORE rather than less time to work on these goals (and to do other things as well).  However, I'm reminding myself that the purpose of starting this project was not to beat myself up because I couldn't finish everything on the list.

So, rather than talking about what I'm working on now, I'm going to use this post to celebrate some of the wonderful things that the DayZero project has brought into my life.

1.  I went to England!  Alone!  And saw everything I possibly could in the time I had there.  Ten years ago, I would have never believed that I could do this.  Five years ago, I would have been very hesitant about trying it and wouldn't have been comfortable going to the theater alone, walking in a big city without a map, and certainly wouldn't have chosen to do things just because they were there and so was I (I would have needed a plan instead of just winging it some of the days).

2.  I have been reminded how fulfilling it is to do nice things for other people.  One of the problems with having a public service job is that sometimes you feel very taken for granted because people expect you to do everything for them.  It was wonderful to work on some of these goals (#15, #17, #20, etc) and have it be a choice to brighten someone's day.

3.  I feel like I'm learning stuff again and not just letting my mind turn into sludge ...

4.  I love to be creative and some of these goals have been great in giving a direction to that creativity.  Working on the party for my 40th birthday was so much fun ... I'm still getting comments from people on the fun that they had and I'm thinking that I need to do one again ... perhaps a wild west theme this time.

5.  It's made some healthy changes in my life - more veggies, pushing myself in my morning walks, bringing a healthy lunch to work, etc.

6.  Though it isn't always fun, I'm getting house projects done ... including last summer's ice damage repairs that weren't on the list.  I'm enjoying seeing the perennials I planted last summer start to reappear.  Every time I go into the bathroom, I wonder why it took me so long to get rid of the awful wallpaper that was there before.

7.  It makes me happy to open my mailbox and find a card from PostCrossing(#97).  I love seeing what people from all over the world have chosen to send me.  HUGE HUGE THANKS to all of those PostCrossing folks who have actually taken a look at this blog and chosen to send a card related to one of the goals!!!!!!!  Special thanks to Sophie from the Netherlands whose seeds are going to be started next week!

8.  I'm doing more things with my friends instead of indulging my hermit tendency when I get away from work.  Having goals like hosting parties or game nights gives me less of an excuse to put off cleaning my house and inviting people over.  Some of the other goals are getting me out and about to see shows and other things - generally with a friend.

And, finally, every single goal that I've been able to make as complete makes me feel like a winner in some way.  I may not be climbing Mt. Everest or running the Boston Marathon or discovering the cure for cancer; however, I am doing something that makes my life improve in some way.  I will be very surprised if I can complete the rest of the goals in the next 400 days, but I'll be thrilled with every single one that I do finish.

And, yes, I'm already thinking ahead to the DayZero Take 2 list for the next 1001 days when I'm done with this cycle.

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  1. I totally dropped the day zero ball. gotta get back on the goals! thanks for the inspiration :)