Sunday, June 30, 2013

#81 - 10 new musical artists

I am lazy in my musical listening habits.  Although I have a huge variety on my iTunes library, I generally only listen to a couple of different playlists regularly.  Also, I stopped listening to the radio while I was in college - too busy and generally spending loads time in libraries as I finished getting my MLIS and started my career.

Last summer, I realized at the weddings that I attended that I only knew the songs being played if they were ones from the 1980s and before.  And, that some of the new things I was hearing were interesting.  I've noticed this lately with movie soundtracks as well.  So, because I still don't have the time to listen to the radio much, I asked for assistance in finding something new.  And, I quickly got responses (gotta say that I LOVE having my first goal completed for this round in a week)!  Friends from Facebook, friends I see regularly, my sisters, and even a fellow PostCrosser all gave me ideas - about 30 new artists to listen to in a wide variety of styles.  It was fascinating to see how the songs meshed with what I knew of personalities (especially from the people that I didn't know as well).

This afternoon, I added 17 new songs to my iTunes library.  There is one more that I can't add to iTunes yet ... a new group that, ironically, started me on this goal ... because the album hasn't been released yet.  When my nephew Dan married last summer, his new brother-in-law sang during the ceremony ... and I was astounded by his gorgeous voice.  This isn't what he sang for the ceremony (obviously, if you listen to the words), but here's my recommendation to all of you ...

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