Saturday, June 22, 2013

New goals, or 101 take 2!

I finally told myself 5 minutes ago that I need to stop adding goals to my new list (because I was starting to think about bending the rules around to make it 111 goals in 1111 days) and decide just what made the cut.  So, here it goes ... I challenge myself to ...

101 Things in 1001 days – Take 2

1.     Make a will and get it notarized
2.     Lose 25 pounds ($5 for the fun jar for each 5 pounds I lose)
3.     Finish the online Latin course I started
4.     Take a trip in the US
5.     Visit Canada (more than just past the border)
6.     Visit a country I haven’t seen before
7.     Do something nice without being asked for someone each day for a month
8.     Make and mail care packages to each of my siblings
9.     Finish reading the “essential” section of Proulx’s “Books for a Well Educated Adult” list
10.                        Finish my Christmas stocking that was supposed  to be done several years ago
11.                        Visit each of my siblings and invite them to visit me
12.                        Host a wine tasting party
13.                        Finish my Dewey classification reading goal
14.                        Read 10 popular authors (new to me) that I normally wouldn’t to keep up with trends
15.                        Make myself three new costumes for fun
16.                        Cook an ethnic meal from each continent (excluding Antarctica)
17.                        Use each herb in my garden in a different dish over the course of a summer
18.                        Start writing poetry again – at least 10 new poems
19.                        Memorize 5 more poems to add to my “library in my head”
20.                        Attempt to become better at drawing by completely filling the pages of a sketchbook with my own efforts
21.                        Finish the photo course I’m taking
22.                        Learn how to do video editing
23.                        Write to 3 people who’ve changed my life to thank them
24.                        Take Mom and Dad on a vacation
25.                        Take a First Aid/CPR refresher course
26.                        Geocache at least 25 finds
27.                        Repaint the porch trim and garage
28.                        Go berry or fruit picking at least 5 times
29.                        Invite friends over for 10 game nights
30.                        Take 10 new frame worthy photos to display in my home
31.                        Visit 5 new places in Minnesota
32.                        See 10 live theater productions
33.                        Reduce my morning walk time to 35 minutes without losing distance
34.                        Don’t complain about anything for one week ($5 for the fun jar for each time I have to restart this goal!)
35.                        Watch 10 movies from my “someday” list
36.                        Write a murder mystery dinner party
37.                        Convert 2 reels of Mom & Dad’s slides to digital files
38.                        Learn to identify 5 new constellations
39.                        Go to 10 different museums
40.                        Finish my Kickstarter wheel by making a pledge in every category
41.                        Play my harp at least 40 times
42.                        Play my keyboard at least 20 times
43.                        Play my flute at least 10 times
44.                        Make a life soundtrack playlist
45.                        Try 3 new photography techniques / equipment items
46.                        Make 10 new recipes (not baked goods)
47.                        Make family traditions book
48.                        Make a project with one of the specialty yarns I have
49.                        Finish the Renaissance cross-stich project
50.                        Spend a night sleeping in my hammock (can be inside in front of the fire during the winter)
51.                        Identify 100 things that make me happy
52.                        Leave 10 operation beautiful notes
53.                        Take a picture for each letter of the alphabet
54.                        Attend the midnight premiere of a movie
55.                        Go to a baseball game
56.                        Write a fan letter
57.                        Send someone flowers anonymously
58.                        Purge 25 items from my wardrobe that I no longer wear
59.                        Hike on five trails that are new to me or I haven’t been on in over 20 years
60.                        Get a henna tattoo
61.                        Spend a night stargazing / watch a meteor shower / watch a lunar eclipse
62.                        Have my palm read / tarot cards read
63.                        Enter a photography contest
64.                        Make 5 microloans on
65.                        Release 10 books through
66.                        Finish Eowyn’s Challenge
67.                        Work up to doing 100 consecutive sit-ups
68.                        Host a Mardi Gras party
69.                        Make 5 recipes that were sent to me through PostCrossing
70.                        Choose 10 countries and watch a movie from each
71.                        Go to a roller derby match
72.                        Answer the “50 Questions that Will Free Your Mind”
73.                        Reread the first books and complete reading the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan
74.                        Read the Song of Fire and Ice series by George R. Martin
75.                        Learn to say “hello”, “goodbye”, “yes”, “no”, and “where’s the bathroom” in 10 languages
76.                        Write a letter to myself to be opened in 10 years
77.                        Buy a piece of original art
78.                        Compliment at least five people in one week
79.                        Go to a Renaissance Fair ($5 extra for the fun jar if one or both of my sisters goes with me)
80.                        Learn how to maintain my bike
81.                        Listen to 10 new musical artists ($5extra for the fun jar for each of these who is recommended to me by a niece or nephew)
82.                        Host a menu mystery party
83.                        Do the 30 Day Photo Challenge on Facebook
84.                        Color at least 5 pages from one of my upscale coloring books
85.                        Go horseback riding or ride in a horsedrawn carriage
86.                        Do something from my bucket list
87.                        Make a pie on pi day
88.                        Taste 10 new types of tea
89.                        Take a 2 week Facebook break
90.                        Wear every piece of jewelry I own at least once
91.                        Drop my body fat % by at least 5 points
92.                        Have a face to face visit with at least five friends that are no longer part of my daily life
93.                        Redo my “why I do this” photos in my office
94.                        Do the 5K training part of ZombiesRun! App while running or walking (not on the exercise bike)
95.                        Learn a new method of braiding my hair
96.                        Take a staycation with at least 3 consecutive days of not doing any chores
97.                        Buy a little black dress
98.                        Do The Pocket Scavenger book
99.                        Have a contest on my blog with a prize of something that I’ve made
100.                   Donate 1 million grains of rice to
101.                   Save $10 in cash for each goal I complete – use this money for something fun (aka “the fun jar”).  Plus, donate $10 to charity for each item that I don’t accomplish by the last day – March 19th, 2016

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