Thursday, August 22, 2013

#50 - Hammock Time

Several years ago, I purchased a hammock with a stand on a whim.  I have found that often such impulse purchases don't necessarily cause buyer's remorse; however, I usually don't end up actually using the item very often.  The hammock has been a happy exception to this rule.  I love spending time in my backyard watching the clouds or listening to music or reading or trying (yet again) to fool the hummingbirds into coming close enough that I can take a good photo.

I've found, though, that no matter what I go out to the hammock to do, within 15 minutes I've fallen asleep. I think, perhaps, that may be a comment on the fact that I tend to be chronically short on sleep.  But, it also shows that my hammock is comfortable enough that I can fall asleep outside where there is a fair amount of background noise, and I am fairly exposed to people walking by in the alley.  And, I am definitely not a napper normally.

I wanted to try actually sleeping (as opposed to random naps) in my hammock as an experiment.  So, last weekend, I was at my parent's farm for a family event (more on that in my next post) and brought my hammock instead of a sleeping bag for my bedding.  The experiment was a great success.  The hammock took up much less car space than a sleeping bag, foam mat, pillow, etc.  It was cool - which was very nice after the heat of the day - perhaps even a bit too cool since I only had a sheet for a cover.  I did sleep inside of a building not under the stars, but I could see the moon shining brightly through one windows and stars through another as I drifted off.  I would definitely do this again.

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