Sunday, August 4, 2013

#57 - "I couldn't have been more surprised if a zebra would have knocked on my door!"

My friend Annette has a business that I sometimes envy (like 9 months out of the year).  During that period of the year, she spends her time making art out of pressed flowers.  Here's one of her designs ...
A Morning Glory Creation

In the summer months, she travels to art fairs around the state selling her work.  That part I don't envy at all as it involves things like making small talk to hundreds of people in a day and sleeping in her van with all of her stock.  Sometimes the weather is beautiful, but there are storms and incredibly hot days to deal with as well.

This past weekend, she was selling at a festival which is in the town where we both live - a nice change for her since it means for that weekend she can go home to her own house for the night.  The weather on Saturday was not pleasant.  I had my woodstove going for much of the day in my house since it was rainy and in the low 50 degrees - not normal for the end of July at all!  Guessing that sales might not be the greatest in these circumstances and thinking that she might like a nice surprise, I went online to order her some flowers for delivery in a few days.

She did figure out (by process of elimination) that the flowers came from me, and I got to hear the whole story of their arrival.  The quote in the title of this post is her response.  She was sure that the driver had the wrong house, and the flowers were meant for her neighbor.  And, she told me that she didn't EVER remember having flowers delivered to her in the past.  I am so happy that they came at a good time to cheer her up.

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