Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wrapping Up DayZero Round Two

First ... yes, it's been a long time since I posted.  Second ... no, I'm not going to offer any reasons/excuses!

That being said ... I had the day off today and thought it would be a great opportunity to wrap up this round of DayZero (which ended for me last weekend).  In going through my goal list, I realized that I had finished a few that I never got around to blogging about.  I also found (and expected) that I completed less from my list this time around than the first time.  This was not from lack of interest on my part - rather outside demands on my time over the last three years keeping me busy.

So, what did I enjoy from this round?  I found that wine tasting parties (#12) can be lots of fun and are a lot less work for the hostess than the normal parties that I throw.  I loved seeing new spots in Minnesota (#31); it was a great reminder that you don't have to go so terribly far to get the experience of traveling.  Though it was a goal that I didn't complete, writing down the items that make me happy (#51) was an enlightening experience - I found that it is definitely simple moments that bring me joy.  Writing murder mystery party scripts (#36) is definitely something that I will continue to do for big life moments.  I was actually sad to finish Eowyn's Challenge (#66) since it was the best exercise motivation tool that I've found yet!  And making pie (#87) was a good experience for me too since I had sort of convinced myself that was a type of baked good that was just not for me and now I've reconsidered - particularly concerning the apple hand pies!

There were about 20 goals where I had made some progress but didn't get close enough to the end to put in a last push and finish.  And, a lot of goals on this round that I didn't start.  Over the next few weeks, I'll be making my charitable contributions and deciding on the list for Round Three.  Despite my lack of attention recently, I plan to make a fresh start on a new list somewhere in the end of April.  I have a friend in town who just started on a DayZero list of her own, so I'm hoping that some of our items overlap, and we can have adventures together!

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