Saturday, April 23, 2016

Starting Round 3

I've spent the week working on a new list of goals.  This will be my third round, and I approached the process of adding goals to this list much differently than last time.  Rather than transferring all the undone items that were still interesting to me from my old list, I decided not to look (much) at the round two list and come up with ideas from scratch.  So, there are a few items from the previous two lists - but not a significant number.  Another component in writing this list was a feeling that I need to balance my life a little (or a lot, depending on who you ask) because I've spent so much of my energy on work in the past few years, so you may notice in reading through the items that many are purely fun things that I'd like to try or haven't had time for recently.

I did spend quite a bit of time looking at the DayZero site for ideas.  I also sailed through the blogsphere looking for what other people are trying.  It was an interesting experience.  I never realized that there is such a blogging community since I am fairly choosy in how I spend my online time and have never really considered meeting others who blog as a goal to achieve - it was sure on many lists though.  Some people were working on goals that are not really applicable to my stage of life - not interested in pregnancy, thank you very much!  While other goals just didn't interest me - "milk a cow" for example doesn't mean much as a goal to someone who grew up on a working dairy farm.  And, I just can't afford the amount of travel that was on many lists.  I do want to be realistic about goals that are achievable, and more than 10 big trips in less than 3 years just isn't in my budget (especially considering my #1 goal on the list for this round).  I did find 11 ideas that I either borrowed as is or used with a tweak as a result of my searching; there were others that were very similar to ideas that I already had as well.

So, here's my new list - which will end, by coincidence, on two of my nephews' birthdays!

Day Zero Take 3

  1. Pay off my mortgage 
  2. Cash out my first paycheck after paying off mortgage and spend it all frivolously 
  3. Take a trip to London
  4. Take a Trip to the amethyst mines by Thunder Bay
  5. Take a trip in United States
  6. Take a trip to somewhere I haven't visited before
  7. Run / walk a 5K
  8. Go to a baseball game
  9. Take a free online course 
  10. Go to Gen Con
  11. Make a rag rug like the ones Grandma did
  12. Drive the Lake Superior circle tour
  13. Create a computer font with my own handwriting 
  14. Make a piñata 
  15. Make a photo worthy dessert
  16. Visit a zoo
  17. Do one thing off my lifetime bucket list
  18. Visit at least two nephews or nieces 
  19. Keep a gratitude list for a month
  20. Go on a carnival ride
  21. Learn the steps to a dance
  22. Host a murder mystery party
  23. Write a mystery party script 
  24. Make faces on cars in fresh snow
  25. Host a wine tasting party 
  26. Go on a picnic 
  27. Finish my Dewey reading goal
  28. Finish reading the essential section of the Proulx list
  29. Play croquet at the farm
  30. Solve an escape room
  31. Buy a pair of dance shoes
  32. Have professional photos taken of me
  33. Donate blood
  34. Leave May baskets for my friends 
  35. Play mini golf
  36. Go on a factory tour
  37. Do at least half of the challenges in Creative Photography Lab book
  38. Make fortune cookies 
  39. Learn to throw knives well enough that they stick in the target board at least 50% of the time
  40. See an IMAX movie
  41. Do 5 random acts of kindness 
  42. Host 10 game nights
  43. Visit 10 museums
  44. Go to a circus
  45. Hatch butterflies 
  46. Make ice cream from scratch 
  47. Teach Amanda how to make a basket 
  48. Make snow cones
  49. Play Shenandoah perfectly on my harp
  50. Play the harder version of Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella perfectly on my harp
  51. Go caroling
  52. Make caramel apples
  53. Find my way out of a corn or hedge maze
  54. Send out 5 care packages that are a surprise for the recipient 
  55. Host a fondue dinner
  56. Make a new main dish recipe that doesn't include chicken or ground beef
  57. Make German pretzels 
  58. Make first snow doughnuts 
  59. Send a letter or postcard to a friend or family member each month of the challenge 
  60. Get a 4 star rating on a 30 minute free run in WiiFit
  61. Make ice candles
  62. Give myself an unplanned mental health day when I need it
  63. Do a coin toss road trip for a day with a friend 
  64. Finish one of the craft projects that I currently have in progress 
  65. Use all of the supplies from one of my baking subscription boxes before the next one arrives
  66. Watch a silent film
  67. Attend a concert
  68. Give / loan through
  69. After completing goals 1 & 2, put 10% of each paycheck into savings
  70. Make a list of 50 places I would like to visit 
  71. Complete all of the beginner level units in German in Duolingo
  72. Finish 5 pages in my adult coloring books
  73. Learn 15 yoga poses to do without help from memory 
  74. Eat 5 things I've never tried before 
  75. Write the family traditions book
  76. Make my own vanilla extract 
  77. Convert 3 reels of Mom and Dad's slides to digital 
  78. Try 3 new photography techniques 
  79. Do a 30 day photography challenge
  80. Make a denim quilt from old jeans
  81. Go to an air show or fly-in
  82. Visit all of my siblings 
  83. Make a 50 state map with photos for the states I have visited 
  84. Grow crystals from a solution 
  85. Have a themed movie marathon 
  86. Host a wine and cookie tasting
  87. Leave a $20 tip for a meal that costs less than $20
  88. Buy a real smartphone 
  89. Write a "if anything happens to me" letter
  90. Organize my recipe clipping binders
  91. Take a cider making / cheese making / cooking class
  92. Watch 10 TED talks
  93. Distribute 20 "you are beautiful" cards
  94. Have 5 local photography sessions 
  95. Update my resume
  96. See 10 live theater performances including at least one Shakespeare play
  97. Ask 10 friends to recommend a book they loved and read each
  98. Watch 5 movies from my "to watch" list
  99. Do something that makes me nervous 
  100. Do something that I feel is worthy of this list but I didn't think to add
  101. Put $10 in the fun jar for every goal I complete or donate $10 to charity for each goal not completed by my finishing date of January 20, 2019

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