Thursday, October 20, 2016

#99 - Something that scares me

I had hoped to use this goal for something a lot more fun (but also slightly nerve-wracking) like rock climbing or something.  However ... it became just something that made me incredibly nervous.  I, unfortunately, had a tooth split in August and had to deal with one of my personal terrors - the dentist.  Even worse, it was a wisdom tooth.  Adding to the complication level, I had a huge vacation planned for the first two weeks in October, and the oral surgeon was booked out past that for consulting appointments to say nothing of actual extractions.  However, it all worked out.

My personal terror level in any dentist visit has to do with some experiences when I was young.  One of which resulted in both a free root canal (after the dentist hit and killed a tooth when doing a routine filling) as well as an allergic reaction to the antibiotic I was prescribed.  Needless to say, my anxiety level is quite a bit higher than the normal person's when visiting the dentist, and I have had the tendency to put off dealing with my teeth as much as possible.

I will say that although the process of having both of my lower wisdom teeth removed in my 40s was not at all pleasant, I did find a new dentist who is much easier to work with in the process.  Kudos to Crystal Chopp at Ely Family Dental for not only being good at her job and making sure I got in with a good oral surgeon under my time constraints but also for being very kind through the whole process.

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