Sunday, August 15, 2010

My challenges list

101 Things for 1001 Days

  1. Make a will and get it notarized
  2. Make a living will and get it notarized
  3. Lose xx pounds (you don't need to know the actual number)
  4. Practice my harp at least once a week for a year
  5. Finish the online Latin course that I started
  6. Solo trip to England
  7. Solo trip in the US
  8. Visit Canada (more than just past the border)
  9. Visit Mexico (more than just past the border)
  10. Visit a European country I haven't seen before
  11. Solo kayak - no one following, at least around one island from Nina & Peter's, no help getting in or out of the kayak - to help get over my fear of water (onshore cheering is allowed) - completed 8/19/10
  12. Visit all my grandparents' graves
  13. Redecorate the bathroom
  14. Put tile in under the woodstove
  15. Do something nice - without being asked - for someone each day for a month
  16. Revisit 23 things on a stick and finish the second round
  17. Make and mail care packages to each of my nephews and nieces
  18. Try out for a community theater part (on stage, not behind the scenes)
  19. Finish reading the "essential" section of Proulx's "Books for a Well Educated Adult" list
  20. Spend an afternoon writing "why you're fabulous" notes for 10 people that I'm close to and then give them out
  21. Actually celebrate my 40th birthday rather than pretending it doesn't exist
  22. Make a new recipe (not baked goods) each month for a year
  23. Finish my Christmas stocking that was supposed to be done several years ago
  24. Visit each of my siblings and invite them to visit me
  25. Learn to make fortune cookies and have a party where they are part of the menu
  26. Host a wine tasting party
  27. Listen to ALL of the songs I own at least once
  28. Beat all the levels on Zoo Tycoon
  29. Finish my Dewey classification reading goal
  30. Read 10 popular authors (new to me) that I normally wouldn't to keep up with trends
  31. Make myself three new costumes for fun 
  32. Cook an ethnic meal from each continent (excluding Antartica)
  33. Use each herb in my garden in a different dish over the course of a summer
  34. Learn to make 15 different cocktails from memory
  35. Go to a vineyard and taste - buy a bottle of my favorite
  36. Start writing poetry again - at least 20 new poems
  37. Memorize 10 more poems to add to my "library in my head"
  38. Read a daily newspaper every day for 3 months (can be online subscription)
  39. Make 1000 paper cranes and a wish
  40. Attempt to become better at drawing by completely filling the pages of a sketchbook with my own efforts
  41. Take a community education or college continuing education course
  42. Learn how to do video editing
  43. Write to 3 people who've changed my life to thank them
  44. Break out the jingles and belly dance at least once a week for 4 months
  45. Host a "make music" night for all my talented friends
  46. Donate to a different charity each month for a year
  47. Start a blueberry patch in the backyard
  48. Take Mom and Dad on a vacation
  49. Spend an entire weekend in my pajamas
  50. Try growing lettuce inside in the winter
  51. Take a First Aid/CPR refresher course
  52. Actually write down a life bucket list of at least 10 items
  53. Try geocaching
  54. Include a vegetable side dish at supper every night for 2 months - to get back in the habit of eating more veggies
  55. Donate blood
  56. Take one of the Duluth train trips
  57. Repaint the porch trim and garage
  58. Send at least 15 Operation Baking Gals boxes
  59. Go berry picking at least 5 times
  60. Read at least 15 of my "reserve" books to get the stack size down
  61. Invite friends over for 10 game nights
  62. Try canning a new type of preserves
  63. See Wicked
  64. Meet savings goal #1
  65. Meet savings goal #2
  66. Meet savings goal #3
  67. Complete perennial bed along east fence in back yard
  68. Read at least 200 books per calendar year (should be at or past #80 by ending date for 2013)
  69. Restart blogging as a way to document doing this list (this goal can be considered complete after 20 posts)
  70. Take 10 frame-worthy photos to display in my home
  71. Pack a work lunch every day for a month
  72. Visit 5 new places in Minnesota
  73. See 10 live theater productions
  74. Reduce my morning walk time to 35 minutes without losing distance
  75. Plant a boulevard tree in front of my house
  76. Find out my blood type
  77. Don't complain about anything for a week
  78. Send a secret to PostSecret
  79. Watch 10 movies from my "someday" list
  80. Ride in a taxi
  81. Learn how to make bagels
  82. Finally do the Australia photo party
  83. Find a spot in a different room to put some of the kitchen stuff I rarely use (canning equipment, roaster, etc), so I have more room to work
  84. Throw a murder mystery dinner party
  85. Throw a menu mystery dinner pary
  86. Try absinthe
  87. Get a slide to digital photo machine and use it on Mom & Dad's slides
  88. See an opera
  89. Rewire my reading lamp that Dad made - completed 8/17/10
  90. Learn to identify 5 new constellations
  91. Say no to 5 requests that I really don't want to do
  92. Make a list of 25 things that I do well
  93. Go to 10 different museums
  94. Memorize what all the icons on my digital camera stand for
  95. Make 5 new jewelry pieces
  96. Play my keyboard at least 30 times
  97. Participate in
  98. Send 3 people who aren't related to me a surprise ... just because
  99. Take a lunch break at work every day for two weeks straight
  100. Attend 5 local performing arts events that I'm tempted to skip because I'm tired - dessert theater in the light booth is allowed
  101. Donate $20 to charity for each item that I don't accomplish by the last day - May 13th, 2013


  1. This is too cool. I love this idea, and I am going to do it too :) How inspiring. Thanks Rachel!


  2. good luck! It will be fun to keep up with your progress