Friday, August 27, 2010

What's in progress

I've been asked which of the goals I'm currently working on.  Well, it changes from day to day what I might actually put some time into, but the following are ones that have been started in some way:
The will #1 - I have a book at home that explains things to consider for Minnesota estates and have started to make a list of items that I want to go to specific people and chosen an executor.
The weight loss goal #3 - though I've only lost one pound thus far.  Gotta start somehow, right?
These reading goals #19, 29, 60,68 - I'll have the list for #19 up for my next post as more than one person has asked what titles are on it, I have 49 Dewey classifications to tackle, I read the first book from my pile of books I own but haven't read yet, and I'll easily have read 200 books by the end of the year.
My song list #27 - I'm going by artist and am still in the A section, so I expect this one to take some time.  I have almost 5,000 songs in my iTunes library.
Zoo Tycoon #28 - I've got the last intermediate level left and then I move on to advanced and ultimate levels.  (If only the dinosaurs weren't so hard to keep happy!)
Origami #39 - The paper cranes are starting to flock!
Charity #46 - The first month is done.
Bucket List #52 - Has 4 items on it and several more I'm considering how to add.
Savings goals #64 & 65 - I expect to meet the first goal by the end of the year unless something major goes out in the house.  The second will probably happen in February or so of next year.
Blogging #69 - Well, you're reading this, right?
Morning walk #74 - How hard I try on this one is varying from day to day.  Obviously, the day after I've spent hours working outside on my yard I don't move as fast.
Things I do well #92 - I've been adding items to this one on the days I've thought about the bucket list.

So, that's where I'm at today ... tomorrow will probably be different.  But that's okay by me.

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  1. I didn't realize you had origami on your list. I've been planning to have that on my list, too.