Thursday, March 31, 2011

#76 - Hey, Daddy-O, make mine type O

This will probably be the only time I post twice in one day.  And, to celebrate my acting like a typing fool, I'm going to have a little contest ... the first person to comment with the title of the song (and performing group) that the post title was taken from will win this fabulous jar of home-made strawberry jam from the kitchen of yours truly!  And, if the shipping isn't too bad, I may add a tiny jar of my mutant pepper jelly!

And the reason for a second post ... today I found out my blood type - type O+.


  1. "Transfusion" sung by Nervous Norus, Dr. Demento.
    Right? nina

  2. Correct! And, of course, the shipping won't be a problem, so you'll be getting the bonus gift too!