Friday, March 4, 2011

200 Days In ... and still hanging on

It's surprising to me that 200 days of this project have already gone by ... I feel like I've just started.  In January, I started having the first twinges of wondering if I'll have time to complete most of the list.  I also faced my first big set-back to the project in the form of ice dams.  Yes, you read that right.  The overriding concern in my life for most of the last six weeks has to do with water seeping through my roof because of ice buildup and damaging walls, ceilings, or both in four different rooms of my house.  The first couple of weeks meant dealing with the immediate problems of changing buckets, wiping up water, and finding a room to sleep in that I couldn't hear any dripping noises.  (I did find out that my couch is very comfortable to sleep on).  Now I'm onto the challenges involved with putting a new steel roof on my house this summer and deciding on the best way to tackle the interior repairs.  I've already ripped out most of the wet plaster because I couldn't stand the smell.

Getting back to my list and what I've been working on ...
  • I did finish goal #39 recently but want to take some photos before I post about it.  
  • After much thought and research on distance learning catalogs, I decided to take a professional photography course to fulfill goal #41.  So, I'm now enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography and learning lots and lots of information.  I never realized my little digital camera could possibly do so much.  I'm so glad that I'm taking the course after digital cameras have improved -- trying all the different shutter and aperture settings on one shot just to experiment and then paying for film processing would really add up fast.
  • I've spent a great deal of time making some special things for my niece Ciera's package for goal #17 and am almost done with the last one.  On that same goal, I also have a number of costume pieces selected to make and send to various nephews when I'm done crocheting for Ciera.
  • Goal # 27 is moving along ... I'm about a fifth of the way through my music collection.  That's about a thousand songs I've listened to.  
  • I finished goal #54 about eating more veggies and am proud to report that the habit seems to be sticking since I'm still eating vegetables every night at supper.
  • I decided that the best way to tackle goal #61 (having friends over to play games) was to schedule one night every month, let everyone know, and see who shows up.  It seems to be working fairly well, and I've discovered a new favorite game - Dicecapades!
  • I am longing to get out to work on goal # 74, but the walking is still too treacherous with icy sidewalks and streets.
  • Alas, I'm almost to the end of goal #73 - having seen 9 plays/musicals already - I'm sure I won't stop seeing shows, but having the "it's one of my goals" motivation makes going a priority.
 So, that's where I am.  A bit further behind than I had hoped for this point, but I guess that can't be helped.  I'll just need to take more time off when the weather gets nicer to catch up on the outdoor things :)

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