Tuesday, June 21, 2011

#47 & #67 - Blueberries and Perennials

Over the last few weeks, I've spent quite a bit of time working on my backyard.  Among all of the regular tasks of initial spring weeding and keeping the lawn at a manageable height, I also have added lots of new plants.

Last summer, I had the brainstorm that since I already have a small patch of strawberries - which I annually battle the chipmunk to be able to actually eat - I should also plant some blueberries.  It was too late in the year to plant them at that point, but my friend Annette let me visit her yard and taste test all of the varieties she grows.  Until I tried her five different types, I hadn't realized how much of a difference in flavor there is between them.  I was immediately taken by the NorthCountry variety; they taste just like wild berries.  Later in the summer, my friend Nina took me on the annual garden club tour, and I saw someone growing blueberries in large fabric pots.  I liked that idea too ... easier to keep weeded, pick, and discourage wildlife from eating my precious berries!   So, this spring, I ordered pots, got the NorthCountry plants (along with two other varieties for pollination purposes), and now I have a tiny blueberry patch just for me!

The first lily from Mom - a year after I planted it.
Looking south from where the fountain goes ... all new plants!
The other major gardening project that I had on my list was working on completing the perennial bed down the entire length of my east fence.  I added the fence in the summer of 2007 and quickly realized that I didn't like mowing right next to it.  So, the next spring, my Mom gave me some beautiful lilies for my birthday and two friends gave me other perennials ... all together about 6 feet worth of flowers.  I've added about the same amount each of the last two years as well ... all perennials, mostly gifts.  When I put the goal of finishing the length of the fence on my list, I expected to work on it over more than one year.  However, I was on a roll over Memorial Day weekend and despite a cold rain dug a whopping length of 33 feet more planting area and started to fill it in.  I discovered several major rocks along the way which I didn't even try to remove ... I put leftover tile around the side of one and will use it as the location of my solar fountain.  Last night, I added the final plant in the stretch.  Now I can simply enjoy the blooms through the summer ... currently, the roses, forget-me-nots, and columbine are the most colorful.  And, I have my very first iris bloom (planted last fall) from a patch that was originally my grandmother's.


  1. Hope my personal favorite,the Lily of the Valley, was all it should be this year.
    Happy Summer, Rachel. May the colors and flavors and scents of the season be bountiful!
    Keeping your family's plants going in a new location is a wonderful gift.
    Fun Fact: there are more plants that do not tolerate salt air than one might imagine.

  2. yum! blueberries! I had no idea there were different kinds. Thanks for sharing.