Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Those numbers don't mean much

This post is in honor of my friend Leisa whose birthday is this week ...

Sometimes it's hard to face the years where your age ends in a zero.  My friends who are older than I am tell me that life just gets better.  You become more of the person inside of you rather than the person that others want/need you to be.  You stop worrying as much about the opinions of people who really don't matter in your life.  You find what your passions are ... anything from crafting to skiing to writing to cooking ... and you have more free time to pursue them (either because your children are out on their own or you don't put your entire self into your career or some other reason).  You learn what your emotional needs are and find ways to meet them through other people - and, yes, it's probably the plural people and not the singular person.  Mostly, what they say seems to sum up in the old adage that age equals wisdom.  And, I would certainly say that wisdom is worth having even if acquiring it can sometimes be painful.

As part of my birthday party this year, I put out a "tip" jar for the bartender (me) with a twist.  Instead of cash, I asked people to give me their thoughts and advice on getting older.  Here's what they said:
  • have TONS [underlined 3 times] of fun, you won't live forever!
  • feed the kitty
  • numbers matter less than how you feel inside
  • get a fan, the hot flashes are murder!
  • life begins at 40!
  • eat more cheesecake
  • be yourself and everything else will fall into place
  • younger men can be a good choice
  • keep smiling with your chin up - good for "under your chin"
  • The Best [underlined 4 times] is yet to come!!
  • It's all beautiful, it's all a miracle
  • Lift up bras really work
  • Make FUN your #1 priority!
  • Don't sit in chairs even if someone offers one
  • The older you get the better life is :)
Thanks, everyone, for the advice. And, to everyone who is facing one of those dreaded "zero years" out there (and I know that this week that includes both Leisa and my sister Janet):  Happy birthday and don't stress out about it, you'll still feel the same inside as the day before!

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  1. Thanks so much Rachel! This is great advice and a wonderful way to start my day ;)