Wednesday, March 20, 2013

#17 - Keeping the post office in business

Most of my nephews and nieces are now past their college days, but, as part of their high school graduation gift, I gave each of them a "cookie of the month" club with the baking supplied by myself for their first year in college.  (Still working on the nephew who took a break year between high school and college and is living at home).  I heard that these monthly shipments were much appreciated (by roommates as well) and made going to collect mail a lot more fun.  I haven't done as well in keeping the packages coming after that first year though ... for various reasons.  So this goal was to find a reason to send something to each of my nieces and nephews over the 1001 days.  I mailed out the last two packages today ...
Simple "ye olde" style shirt made for Mike.

Some of the packages, including the two that went out today, were filled mostly with baked goods.  Others were more specific to something happening at the time.  My nephew, Jason, received traditional housewarming items since he and his wife had just purchased their first home.  Two other nephews indicated that they would like costume pieces ... which I made for them.  My niece, Ciera, is outgrowing the age of dolls; however, at the beginning of this project, she was still interested in American Girl dolls.  My dad had made her bunk beds (with my Mom adding sheets and pillows) sized for her collection, so I made coverlets that could go along with them.
Musketeer tunic made for Dan.

I realized yesterday as I packed up the boxes that perhaps for my next set of goals I need to send care packages to my siblings.  After all, as the youngest, I was the one who got goodies from them as I went through school and off into the world.  It seems only fair that I acknowledge their kindness.  In that spirit, I also sent off a box of cookies to one of my brothers today as well; I hope it makes him smile.
Doll afghans for Ciera.

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