Saturday, March 2, 2013

#50 - Baby lettuce

In an on-going effort to eat better, this goal was designed to bring some fresh produce into my life.  I planted a small planter of lettuce on a day when the outside temperature was -26* F at the time I woke up ... not the best day for planting outside.  Then I watered several times over the first week and a half.  Nothing happened.  I sort of forgot that the planter was sitting on the sill of a south basement window.  Yes, directly next to the old (possibly original to the house, definitely uninsulated) window.  However, today, I went downstairs when I was watering my normal houseplants on the off chance that something may have happened.  And here's what I found ...
lettuce seedlings next to the cold window

Obviously these little seedlings are hungry for more sunshine and probably very grateful for the water I had brought.  I think that they'll make it to eating size.  Guess the moral is that they need to be a little warmer to germinate if I try this again.

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