Saturday, March 30, 2013

#95 - Jewelry

In my house, there is an entire room that I have designated as "the craft room".  It's full of tubs of fabric, beads, rubber stamps, and many other supplies that I rarely have time to use.  I have even been accused by one of my friends of buying craft supplies just so I can organize them later ... sadly, there is a small amount of truth to that statement.  My problem seems to be that I get excited about trying a new craft skill, buy the tools and supplies, make several projects, and then get excited about a different craft ... which requires a new set of tools and supplies.  Although it is wonderful to think "I need a piece of blue ribbon" and know that I can go upstairs and select from a couple dozen types that might work for what I have in mind, it also tends to lead to a cluttered craft room.  I find myself having stern discussions with my inner shopper in large craft stores about moderation.  So, this goal was my very small attempt at using some supplies for a craft that I enjoy- simple jewelry design - and make some giftable or personal items for myself at the same time.

Here's what I made ...
Three sisters bracelets
This set of three bracelets was meant from the start for myself and my two sisters.  The one on the left is Diana's, the center one was for Janet, and the right one I kept.  I bought some of the components at a bead shop in London; I had asked my family for ideas for gifts I might buy them while I was there and one of my sisters asked for beads.  Unfortunately, I couldn't remember which sister by the time I returned plus I had gotten something else for each of them.  So, the beads sat for almost a year while I tried to decide who to give them to.  Finally, I decided to give some of the beads to each of them and use the rest to make a set of similar bracelets for all three of us - that solved my dilemma to everyone's satisfaction.

The chainmaille experiment
This pendant was my attempt at chainmaille jewelry.  My nephew and his girlfriend have a small company - - that makes jewelry like this, and I love the pieces they make.  So, I decided to try it for myself.  Well, I finished the piece after much frustration and decided that working with tiny rings that spring off the pliers when least convenient is not for me.  I give Mike and Mikaela major kudos for being able to do this sort of work without going insane!

Simple earrings
I don't have pierced ears, so I rarely make earrings.  However, I love making items with my little wire jig board - it's so much fun trying all the different twists and turns and seeing how moving one peg just a tiny bit or wrapping the wire clockwise instead of counterclockwise can make a dramatic change to the look of the piece.  So, for my last piece, I made a simple set of earrings to have on hand for any occasion that might arise requiring a small gift.

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